obrazek karol,24.11.2010
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Added by Bianca at 13:34, 10.02.2012
As a lbiesan there’s something that strikes me as reactionary in this article. So I looked up some stuff on the web and found a blog piece by Wendy Somerson Called Pinkwashing- Queer Won’t Hide Israel’s Dirty Laundry on Tikkun’s Blog, She writes:“A 2009 poll by the newspaper Haaretz indicated that 46% of Israelis believed homosexuality to be a perversion. Furthermore, the lack of separation between religion and state means that official spokespeople for the Israeli government, such as Deputy Prime Minister Eli Yishai, can claim in an official capacity and with little reprisal that gays have a “normative defect” and are “sick.” In fact, the same year as the iPride conference, Yishai called for the cancellation of the pride parade in Tel Aviv, and called homosexuality an “abomination.” And In July, 2010, Deputy Mayor Yitzhak Pindrus of Jerusalem applied to hold a “donkey parade” alongside the city’s annual Gay Pride Parade. Pindrus wanted to greet parade participants with donkeys to represent the “bestial” nature of the pride march. When the police rejected his request, he arranged for his group of protesters to hold cardboard cut-outs of donkeys at the parade instead.”So things aren’t so rosy in Israel for Queers after all. Additionally, if I, a butch lbiesan, wanted to go pray at the kotel, as a butch lbiesan, I would be spit on, and possibly attested, as other women are… not a pretty scene,But what I truly want to say is occupation is a queer issue and so are human rights abuses. We don’t exist in a vacuum. If one group is oppressed so are we all. Lastly, I found your remarks about the severity of the blockade and the depth of suffering it caused rather flippant. Much suffering was caused without” mass starvation” being caused and the need for humanitarian aid is well documented.
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